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About Us

Ceren Raf Inc. is continuing its 20 years of experience in the field of shelf systems in its 3000 m² new factory. The growth of today's retail sector and the proliferation of shopping malls are highlighting the visibility of product sales points; warehouse shelf systems are also important for the storage of products to be delivered to sales points. Thus, the seriousness of the work we do is gaining importance every passing day. In our new factory, additional to our main production of warehouse shelves and market shelf systems we also produce special shelf solutions for several sectors such clothing stores, home textile, glassware, shoes, perfume, bijouterie, stationery, electronics, durable goods, mobile phones, hardware, auto accessories and so on. We develop practical and convenient multipurpose shelf systems for different requirements; exhibition stands, product stands etc.

Ceren Raf Inc. It regards quality, safety, aesthetic thinking as basic principle in shelf systems.

Our Vision; Being a strong alternative in the sector with its corporate identity and contemporary approaches.

Our Mission; To provide integration of new technological developments in production of shelf systems field, to provide services to customers with high quality, economical product groups every year.